Government of The Foundation

The Board of Trustees is the governing and representative body of the Foundation. It adopts its agreements by majority, in the terms established in the Statutes. The Board of Trustees is responsible for fulfilling the aims of the Foundation and diligently administering the assets and rights that make up the patrimony of the Foundation, maintaining its performance and utility. It meets at least twice a year and whenever required by the good governance of the Foundation.


Francisco Aparicio Valls.


Pedro Menchén Herreros.


Adolfo José Poveda Díaz. 

Francisco Javier Llorca Martínez. 

Ángela María Callejón Gil. 

The ordinary administration of the Foundation is delegated to an Executive Committee. It carries out a rigorous monitoring of the Foundation’s progress, controls the evolution of the financial statements and analyses the files of the aid requested and compliance with the commitments of those in force. It meets at least ten times a year and whenever the matters to be dealt with so advise. The Commission prepares the reports that are submitted to the decision of the Board of Trustees.