Letter from the President

Patronato Universitario Fundación has maintained its line of action, centred mainly on University Halls of Residence and on Youth and University Associations, the latter being entities with great roots in the educational sphere that is articulated around the aforementioned Halls of Residence.

The work that this develops contributes in a certain way to the better development of these institutions; before this reality the existence of the Foundation is perfectly justified, which is foreseen long and fruitful in the measure in which the people who contribute to their support maintain their collaboration.

Since the promotion of the Bancor brand was agreed in 2010, through a Collaboration Agreement, and in 2019 it was agreed to merge with another Foundation with similar aims, it has been possible to maintain the aid that the University Board of Trustees lent to numerous Cultural Entities. This aid is distributed in different programmes and has contributed to the acquisition of books that arouse the beneficiary’s interest in reading; facilitate study and encourage effort by promoting academic excellence among university students and the final years of the school stage; help in the recruitment of talented young people in the field of education; and collaborate in the refurbishment of places created to house cultural activities.

We find ourselves in a complicated macroeconomic situation, but the challenge is attractive and the way forward is the Foundation’s own: daily work. It has been a positive year and we face the future with great expectations. All this would not be possible without the dedication of the volunteer staff who with their time and effort make this Foundation and its aid programmes a reality.